About Us

Our story began in 2009.

That time I was trying to buy bed linen in Bratislava. But I haven't found a single option that would satisfy me. Then I thought that if I can’t find anything interesting for my home, then where will people get it?

I had business partners in Turkey and I heard that Turkish manufacturers produce good home textiles. I decided to go to Turkey to see what I could get there.

I saw many manufacturers and learned what they offer.

But finding something special takes time.

I was lucky and found the young brand ISSIMO HOME. The quality impressed me and I decided to cooperate with them.

Therefore, I started working with them and in 2010 I introduced ISSIMO HOME home textiles to the Slovak market. And we are still working with them.

We started as a B2B company and were lucky to find many partners in Slovakia. These were online stores and traditional stores.

In 2020, we decided to join the MALL marketplace to improve our business. It was a great experience, so we started offering our products on most MALL marketplaces in other countries, including MALL.CZ, MALL.HU, MIMOVRSTE.COM.

We always try to find something interesting to bring here and offer to our clients.

We always offer something new. Textiles with their own style.

Because I think everyone wants their home to be different from others.

So it’s up to us to find something unusual and interesting in our big world and bring it here to share it with You.

To help you take care of You and your special place - your sweet home.


Andrei Voloshin.

CEO, Filimex s.r.o.

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